Opening my Heart.

Hello Heartstumpers!

I’m finally in a place where I feel comfortable writing on this website. That in itself is a brand new step in this project. So I’m filled with joy simply to write something here. 🙂

Lately pieces seem to be coming together gradually and inevitably. I have newly found faith that Heartstump will coalesce effortlessly and organically.  I release all my concerns about when and how that will happen today, on this very page, at this very moment.

So before I return to my writing, I’m taking a brief minute to officially start my page off, and to start it with gratitude. There are people right now supporting this project in their own unique ways and tonight it struck me that although this project is “mine” in a way, the central theme of love makes it so that there is no way to produce such a work without the hands and hearts of others–and I could never want to. I am grateful to feel the very real reaching of other hands into my deepest most driven work today and over the past few months, in a myriad of great and ever so small gestures that have been opening me further and further up into a place of wanting to share.

There will be art in production surrounding my poetry collection, which lends itself to the idea of a heartstump. As I am lifted up, I hope that others will feel elevated. Some artwork is already in process: at least one painting being produced by a colorful, incandescent soul and a wood piece envisioned by a crafty carver, hopefully small enough for me to tote around and fit on a podium or back wall, as I travel to read aloud. A vibrant and visionary man seeks to collaborate on photography and video. A pen pal who, in the most continually humble gesture I have ever witnessed, relentlessly responds with emphasis on my writing, phrasings, and images I have bounced off of her instead of any of her own equally beautiful prose. She solidifies my work and pushes me forward every single day. It is awe inspiring in its selflessness. And most recently, a paternal potter promises to mold my words in his clay. I have already seen and taken home some of the meticulous and moving mastery that is his previous work.

I had planned to start this page with the visual art surrounding the project, but so much of that is still in careful process. I am excited! I look forward to the day it arrives and I can incorporate it into the page.  In the meantime, I celebrate the process and thank all who are or will be a part.

10857806_10155051026400647_1607209509230125865_n This post also formally reaches out to any person reading it that feels a sudden impulse to contribute, however they might do so, to the collection or any associated artwork.  In particular, I’m still soulfully seeking a graphic designer, someone with expertise in book binding,a seamstress (or seamster), a website designer, a kickstarter expert, and all others looking to create in conjunction. Sketch artists, tattoo artists, sculptors, painters, performers, and the like. Maybe YOU have a project of YOUR OWN and you want support, guidance, inspiration, or just a big thumbs up–a creative project or otherwise, anywise.

I am the right person to contact, as my heart is official open for business.

Thank you for reading. Start writing.


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