Christmas in February

IMG_20150220_102512Last night Daniel Peccia welcomed me into his fanciful home where he lives with a beautiful, loving family that includes two adorable pups and an aloof but friendly cat. He gave me a tour of his pottery studio. I have to say this is probably the coolest thing I’ve had the opportunity to do in a long time.

He showed me his kiln and all his materials, as well as the space where he selects and studies poetry that has been submitted to him, where the clay dries, where it gets rolled out, carved and imprinted into. He explained about the different ways to add the colors and the glaze. The time each part of the process takes. I mean, I have to say I could not have been more fascinated by the intricacies of this art.

As if the night could get any better, he then showed me what he has done with my title poem. This is the kind of stuff that makes me wig out with joy.  He has said before that pulling pottery out of the kiln is kind of like Christmas. It’s full of surprises and you can never know quite how it will turn out. That is exactly what the entire night was like. ❤ And watching him pull each piece out one by one and set it on the table, covered in my words, made from the beauty of his clay, was indescribable and powerfully motivating. I looked slowly and closely at each one as if I had never seen a piece of pottery in my life.  And I still do so. Everything around each piece gets blurry and each little caress of color reaches out.

I will be sharing his pieces over the next few days. One at a time so as not to detract from their individual beauty with the sheer QUANTITY I took home. 🙂

I walked from his house to another friend’s place and then from there to my house with a bag full of about 25 lbs of pottery. It was over three miles total. I have to say my arms could not have been more tired, but I could not have been more grateful. I almost wanted to keep on carrying it with me wherever I go…


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