KBOO: Spoken Word Radio Program

The first Monday of every month there is a spoken word poetry radio program on KBOO called Poetic License.  It airs at 10pm, 90.7 fm, in Portland. It features spoken word poetry from local poets as well as guest poets from the world over. You can also listen to it right on the website. This is just one of a wide variety of cool and informative programs on KBOO.  I’m really glad I met my friend Sam on an airplane to Chicago. I didn’t even know about KBOO before I met him.  It also turns out that he’s epically smart and awesome in general, but I digress.

Talking Earth is a radio program that used to air on Mondays from 10-11pm on KBOO, 90.7 fm, in Portland. You can listen to old episodes on the website.

I also found this awesome List of Regular Readings in the Area on the KBOO website, which is SUPER helpful to me. I’ve been trying to find out where poetry is happening in Portland and I haven’t found much information. So this website is pretty much raining manna on me from heaven. I’m not sure that it’s up to date. But I found a lot through it and I’ve used it that way.


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