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My friend Dan Peccia recently made a website that shares with everyone the captivating world of poetry pottery that he invited me into at the start of 2015. I could not be more grateful to him for adding so much color to my life and taking on new projects with me as we continually lift each other up to higher ground. I hope you’ll check out his beautiful presentation.

As mentioned throughout this website, Dan’s pottery is available in exchange for a small donation at 2115 SE 48th Ave.

Click to see Poetry Pottery



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See What We’ve Done

We’ve shattered this like
glass thrown hard toward the floor.
I’m trying to walk out of our room.
Shards of glass everywhere mangle
my feet. I sit down now to pry them out, a foot propped up on my
knee, inhaling between clenched teeth.
Not until a piece is removed
does blood stream from the wound.
And then another. My foot
soaked in blood. I pile
pieces of glass
on the table. I will
throw them away.
Strangers, friends, pull
at my arms and elbows.
They mean well. I intend to
stand and walk with them. But
they don’t see my feet full of shattered
glass. I know you feel it too. The sound of it breaking rings in our ears. And, standing in the doorway, you’re the only one that sees these bleeding soles.


Urbex-Shattered Glass by mrk on Deviant art

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March 24th Haiku

I am full in this
moment, want nothing in the
Soul’s breath unending.

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Springtime According To Issa


Pottery by Dan Peccia

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This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
the Fritos
that were on
the living room chair

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so flavor twisted
and so honey bbq

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Poetry Pottery

Made by Dan Peccia and Pamela Dillon

Pick up a piece for a small donation at 2115 SE 48th Avenue! Or order a piece by emailing me at!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visit Dan’s website

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The Multicolored Earth One

This is my favorite piece of pottery by Dan yet.

IMG_20150313_134723The line is from a poem called “Earth.”

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The Cedar Rapids Olive Garden

A love poem to the Cedar Rapids Olive Garden From Pam “Pamelita” “Croutonica”  “What the Dillio?” Dillon


When I walk through the doors of the C.R. O.G.

I always know that a smile is not far from me,

whether from Midge or Carie, from Hector, Habib?

If you’re sad when you walk in, you’re glad when you leave.  😉

It’s a magical place if you only believe.

If you think you know what to expect, you’re deceived.

You’ll have this guest and that guest in this mood or that.

And they’ll dip fifty breadsticks in ten sides of ranch.

Through the alley you’ll whistle or shout something profane,

to keep all your guests from driving you insane.

Then you’ll use your green linen to wipe blood, tears, and sweat,

during each split you’re working to pay off your debt.1559490_10152919465666664_741578487_o

Just keep cool and remember your goal for the night

in cab or in chard, sampling red, blush, or white,

even if you take their order and they say it’s not right

eat it all, say it’s bad, and won’t pay for a bite

you just show them that charm and you shine your eyes bright

fill your room with one hundred percent guest delight. 😉

Some days OG is awful and some days it’s just fine

and we taste tiramisu while Josh samples out wine.

1609962_10153293238781664_771726396410410693_nYou ask your room partner to follow with drinks,

so they follow with insults, strange noises, and winks,

You say I’m in the weeds, and they say, “Join the club.”

But they help when you need it, and you feel the love.
In the side station servers spill guts to each other

when the restaurant is slow, of course, and side work is over…

And not on the clock because that would be wrong…10563206_10154500118815647_1479408374030644671_n

but it’s the way that we bond when our days are so long.

In the crammed up coat room, we eat half price steak gorg

then we snapchat ourselves being alfredo whores.

While we fatten our waistlines with each tasty dip

and with every new table we fatten our tips.

So we walk out some nights with a big stack of cash

and we walk out some nights with a bruise and a rash

but we laughed and we smiled, and upsold desserts

and we yelled at the line (but they yelled at us first!)

Julia joked, Kareme asked, “How can I support you team?”

Iris bounced all over and Josh tried to be mean.10314695_10154502987135647_8823160521575853623_n

But even when he tries (and he assuredly fails),

we just start up our cars and we drive to Cocktails.

(Cheers!) You may not always serve at the C.R. O.G.,

It may not last forever, I guess we will see…

but as long as you’re there just do one thing for me,

know that everyone there is OG family. ❤


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“Fast Blood” by Frightened Rabbit

Good night, it’s stroke time
Let’s get paralyzed down both sides
Snake hips, red city kiss
And your black eyes roll back
Midnight organ fight
Yours gives in to mine
It’s all right
And the fast blood
Hurricanes through me
And then it rips my roof away, with her fire heads
This is the longest kiss good night

And now I, I tremble,
Because this fumble has become biblical
I feel like I just died twice
I was reborn again for all our dirty sins
And the fast blood, fast blood, fast blood
Hurricanes through me
And then it rips my roof away with her fire heads
This is the longest kiss good night
Good night
And then I fall down
I stumble
and she said, she said, she said good night

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Self-Talk Heart-World Transformation Fairy Tale

IMG_20150309_120956Click on the image to read a fanciful story inspired by The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh and a talk by Larry King at the Portland Center for Spiritual Living.

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