A Hundred (and one?) Haiku

[edit: my friend Dan pointed out to me the other day that there are two #59 haiku, which technically means I wrote 101]


I can write you a

haiku like nothing, nothing

else matters at all.


Down the rabbit hole

It’s a dream and a show. Fall

Alice, down you go!

#3 (from Oat and Oak)

We must acknowledge

our freedom of thought, own it,

and breath slowly in.

#4   (from Oat and Oak)

A singular and

endlessly prolific chance…

The chance for power.


You are the one girl

I’d fly across the country

to kiss and cuddle.

#6 (New Life)

There is no other

choice, when you have it in your

heart, something to do.


Ha ha ha! I laughed.

The cat turned the corner and

walked away slowly.


“Did you try that soul

chocolate?” she asked me, thinking

I knew what she meant.


Gorgeous little things

staring out the window at

me and the whole world.


Sitting on a child’s

bed, listening to his dad

read Shel Silverstein.


Are you ticklish? asked

the little boy. I was and

I was grateful too.


It’s not about the

mistake. He said it’s about

the recovery.


A small child can

jump on the bed and show

you his pop-up book too.


The taste of solid

ingredients in a good

dinner is divine.


How many of these

can I write with one arm tied

behind my back, huh?


You didn’t ask for

a hundred haikus today.

You’re just that lucky.


Mary, Mary, quite

contrary, said everything

that started the fight.


“Everyone feels like

a monster sometimes.” I do

feel like a monster.


Are intimacy

and vulnerability

some things that you want?


I showed you my face

in the dark. You saw just my

glassy tearful eyes.


The air was crisp. I

sang hymns and, as I did, a

bird chirped at a star.


Just one star shown through

between two trees as the sun

was setting elsewhere.


I walked to have a

meditation on just how

happy I am now.


I went back inside

to watch the movie with them,

a secret inside.


As the day went on

and on and on I worried I

would have too much fun.


When you have played games

cooked grand food, watched movies and

read poetry. Wow.


What a day. What a

day. If only it would go

on always this way.


Well, I’m at twenty-

eight. I think it’s time to get

real devotional.


Jodi Denton loves

her little girls. And doesn’t

take shit from no one.


John Dillon sends me

Snapchats every single day.

I fucking love it.


Jalen Young and I

once sat in my living room

watching music vids.


Carie Binhammer

sunbathed with me outside the

pool. Cedar Rapids.


Victoria, Queenie,

With the beautiful family

and brave mellow heart.


Alison Darnell

helped a phoenix rise out of

my ribcage with ink.


Brian Gaughan, tireless,

works for the causes he feels

are most important.


I once saw Kevin

stop his car at a crash site

and run to save lives.


One hundred haikus

is a lot more haikus than

I can make tonight.


I think that it is

pretty impressive that I

got this far just now.


That being said I

am going to sleep, gorgeous

sleep, until morning.


I will dream now in

haikus I’m absolutely

sure that I will now.


Remembering a

childhood memory all

of a sudden. Weird.


Something that happened

on Halloween as a young

one. Other than treats.


The longer I think

the less of anything comes

back to consciousness.


I stayed up way too

late writing these haikus and

now I want to sleep in.


I was going to

try to get a job before

work. A new job. More.


I secretly hope

something good will just fall in

my lap like it should.


I think with this kind

of creativity and



I’m not kidding I

have written this many in

not even an hour.


Some are silly. Some

are nothing. And I know that

some of them will hurt.


If I keep going

I will keep digging deeper

into what matters.


David Welch’s class

started me on all this poem

writing years ago.


Sam Bouman tells me

a story and I cannot

resist listening.


James Phelps, man oh man

my counselor and teacher

in college. My friend.


There’s a lot of name

dropping going on in here,

Stephanie Serrano.


Amanda Lawrence my roommate

in Budapest way back when,

still sends me postcards.


Haris Kovac makes

my little brother and I

laugh until we cry.


Oh how everything

I ever really wanted.

I see inside now.


I can grow old and

I can die. And I can be

unafraid of it.


Sooner or later

We’re scared babies lying, eyes

wide open at night.


I would have dropped a

name again but I swear that

David Luke said don’t.


“I’ve got thick skin and

an elastic heart. But your blade

it might be too sharp.”


“Screaming into the

canyon at the moment of

my death. The echo…”


“Only one thing to do

and that’s be the way that I

am, then sink back in…”


Take me. Take me there.

Here is fine too.  Wherever.

Come on and let’s go.


You said my skin felt

too sacred to touch and now

I really want you to.


You opened your house

up to me, your love, family

friendship grown giant.


I could sleep right now

I could sleep sleep sleep right now

or just keep writing.


Is this tripping you

out? Reading these and feeling

like I’m with you now?


Sssh… just don’t even

worry about your feelings now.

I’m right here, lovely.


I’m holding you in

my arms while I’m holding my

own little self too.


I’m learning from this.

A lot, but mostly that it

doesn’t require much.


You can say so very

strongly everything you want

in only three lines.


Five syllables go

before seven which then go

before five more. Words.


The rules are simple.

It’s not about rules at all.

Eyelids, heavy head.


My head sits on my

knee, my leg bent in front of

my chest, fingers tap.


Please don’t leave, she said,

I’m aching to tell you some

thing so powerful.


“You, you are the blood

flowing through my fingers all

through the soil and…”


One day, when I was

way too old for it by then,

I climbed in dad’s lap.


There was another

day sometime during sophomore

year, I didn’t speak.


There was a time I

was looking for someone and

my heart beat so fast.


He was somewhere in

the stacks at the library.

And I was in love.


I tell you this now

because I trust you. And well,

I might love you too.


Isn’t it funny

how these little poems can

open up so much?


You want to see a

magic trick? I promise I

won’t give it away.


I’m sorry it is

late and I probably tagged

you on facebook ugh.


If I didn’t tag

you on Facebook and you read

all of these. Thank you.


If I did tag you

on Facebook and you read all

of these. Thank you too.


I think I still have

half a glass of wine I can

drink, to get more words.


Some of these I wrote

tonight, some while walking to

the bus days ago.


The one about us

being babies is the one

I wrote in my head.


I wrote it and thought

I will remember that and

maybe write some more.


Then some days came where

everyday I wrote a haiku

in my head for fun.


But you really have

to be careful because it

is so addictive.


Promise me you will

try it today, or maybe

tomorrow… Promise.


Listen, I know you

are still reading because you

want to feel something.


In my mind, I just

reached out my little finger

and touched your chest there.


I lay in the bath

with the shower running and

go under water.


It’s getting closer,

so close. Closer and closer.

Everyday. Right now.


So what will you do

now? Please tell me because my

body is leaving.


When it’s gone, I won’t

be on this earth except in

a hundred haiku.


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