See What We’ve Done

We’ve shattered this like
glass thrown hard toward the floor.
I’m trying to walk out of our room.
Shards of glass everywhere mangle
my feet. I sit down now to pry them out, a foot propped up on my
knee, inhaling between clenched teeth.
Not until a piece is removed
does blood stream from the wound.
And then another. My foot
soaked in blood. I pile
pieces of glass
on the table. I will
throw them away.
Strangers, friends, pull
at my arms and elbows.
They mean well. I intend to
stand and walk with them. But
they don’t see my feet full of shattered
glass. I know you feel it too. The sound of it breaking rings in our ears. And, standing in the doorway, you’re the only one that sees these bleeding soles.


Urbex-Shattered Glass by mrk on Deviant art


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