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World Naked Bike Ride Haikus


Flying down the hill

Wind on all my exposed skin.



So very many

different types of genitals

exist… Now I know.


Once you’ve been naked

in front of a whole city,

other fears reduce.

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Employees Who Feel Love Perform Better

This isn’t a poem, but it’s an interesting article about love and emotional culture in the workplace that I thought was cool.  ❤

Hug your coworkers guys.  Or at least give’m one of those nice hand to the shoulder and smile moves.  I know I have severalcoworkers that I hug on a pretty regular basis.  It’s a good way to start work off on the right foot.IMG_20150301_092320


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Poem to Inspire

When We Create

The pain of
the past is

The joy of
the future

–Gustan Koumantaros–

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This Bus Driver

This bus driver waves
when he sees me coming
Pulls around early
when he sees that I’m cold

Never pulls away if
he sees me running
Digs through his cooler
like he’s panning for gold

Pulls out a candy bar
splits it in half and
Tells me all about
the route he drives

While we roll around
bus driver makes me laugh
and he gives away smiles
and looks so alive

Boy, does this bus driver
love driving buses
he wants me to try it
he says that it’s great

He gets on his route
and never fusses
not once have I heard
from him one word of hate

Three nights a week
for one month of the year
it was this bus driver
that took me home

His last day on my route
he bought us a pizza from
the place that’s his favorite
he says that it’s great.

He drove it around
for two hours uneaten
so that I’d have the first
slice, he’s happy to wait.

I know that it’s Portland
and Portland is friendly
And people like pizza
and nothing is fate, but

This bus driver taught me
that when good things end
you only stop rolling
to celebrate.

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