Logo Reveal and Second Domain Name!

Hi everyone!

Since I have some poetry readings coming up and my collection is close to being finished (though not quite as close to being published yet…)  I would like to formally reveal the logo/cover image for the book.

❤ Heartstump Logo/Cover ❤

The logo was designed by the extremely talented and incredibly kind Pedro Cuevas.  Pedro has a variety of skills in the arts and specializes in graphic design.  If you are interested in employing him to do some incredible work for you, just visit his website here.

Feel free to share this image as long as it maintains the copyright at the bottom.  You can even put it on merchandise at vistaprint.com.  I just ordered an embroidered backpack.  I will take a picture when it arrives. Again just make sure that it maintains the copyright and if you could add my website domain in too, that would be cool. 😉

And speaking of domains, I just purchased heartstump.com *pops bottle of champagne for not quite warranted over-celebration* and so now if you type that in it will redirect you to here.  I am also considering purchasing heartstomp.org since that is what the Southeast Examiner shared with Portland as being my website, haha.

At any rate.  I am excited to get into the finishing stages of my collection and share some of it with you at my upcoming readings!  More to come….


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