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Fridge Poetry By Pam



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November 18, 2015 · 7:44 am

This Is Just to Say Snowclone – Work Edition by Carrie Deal

My coworker, Carrie Deal, sent this to me today:

This is Just to Say

I have QA’d
the document
that was in
the wrong folder

and which
you were probably
to deliver today

Forgive me
they were adorable
so tiny
and so hopeful


If you’re a fan of “This Is Just to Say” snowclones, you can check mine out from earlier this year here.

And if you have one you would like to submit for display on this website, just send it to

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Just a Reminder!


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November 9, 2015 · 10:11 pm

Leave Me

(I’m writing most of this as I type so it doesn’t have permanent stanzas yet.  It started on my walk home…And also stanzas don’t always seem to show up on my WordPress. I’m open to advice on that.)

Leave Me

Leave me now.

Leave me again.

Leave me alone.

Don’t leave me, then,

I will not come to you,

If you don’t leave me,

I will not come for you,

if you do not see me.

Leave me still.

Leave me be.

But leave me in

good company.

Leave for a moment

you can see that

even you want

to be left. Although

your heart has

been bereft.

Even on lonely

sleepless nights,

Even through fierce

Halloween frights

that bring out flirty socialites,

even though you leave

me in your sights…

Leave me a stranger

or a friend, leave me

with love that never ends.

Leave me even

if you pretend. On

you my love

must not depend. If

when I say “Leave”

it’s offensive,

leave me strong

and leave me pensive.

Leave me with a broken

heart.  Leave me with

some new place to start.

Leave me knowing

you can come back.

Leave me to always

have your back.

Don’t leave me

like it’s an attack.

Leave me torn

up, or still intact.

Leave me with fiction

or with fact.

Leaving always

leaves an impact.

Leave me with hope.

Leave me with fear

Leave me, but

never disappear.

Leave me with sun.

Leave me with rain.

Leave me to understand

your joy and pain.

Leave me when

neither can explain.

Leave me and

leave with no refrain.

Leave me, you should.

Leave me you must.

Leave me but don’t

leave me to rust.

Leave me with faith

alone, with trust,

and know that love

will not leave us.

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