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What To Do

Make beauty. However

you feel, you want to, with words,

with paint, with dance, with kindness,

open up to dazzling sparkling eyes with
knowing how to.


Make joy.Create

A smile or a tear, comfort someone’s

Fear, it’s ok, simply, by being here, in

This moment, you know.

This too.


Make life. Plant

A tree,  grow a garden, raise

A child to love for the rest
Of your life more than you even
Know how to yet.


Make chaos. Wake

people up! Shake, break,

Shatter, rumble, something
Inside or outside needing
To be rebuilt with what
You know, better.




Make space.
Make time.  For what
You really truly need.  Know that it’s
There, wanting to be seen by you
look at it, look for it and know that

It feels you too, and it will.


Make way. Make way
For love in your life, make love
in our hearts,  in our bodies in our
soul,  in this world, in our world,
That is really the only thing we know
to do right now,


go on,
you know


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