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Haiku-ishes based on the section breaks in Heartstump

I. Haunting

I feel so afraid

of the darkness within me

I tremble. Each day.

I awaken from

Nightmares, of my own self made.

True creation starts.


II. Essence

Once I know a pain

inside me is really there,

inside me, I dig.

Beneath pain lives all

the simple truth of who we

are, came from, will be…


III. Ascendence


How I first became engrossed

by other people.

Then other people

showed me what true love

looks and feels like: free.


IV. Love

In healing, I find.

Even my pain made of love.

I breathe peacefully.

Healing releases

love held captive, and love

is our gift to the world.


I was working on my poetry book the other day and I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down these lines.  Each poem is about a different section of my almost finished book, which tells the simple story of someone (me) who had a difficult period in life where she looked inward and saw darkness, then moved through that darkness to learn where true happiness, love, and peace really come from and how to find those things within.  So I wrote a haiku about each section, but I don’t expect that I will include them in the book because they have no concrete imagery (which is atypical of the book’s poetry) and they over-explain the overarching narrative in a way that is more enjoyable if the collection does it on its own… 🙂  But I like them so here they are anyway. Thank you for reading!


(photo credit: Dawn Strawser)



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