Quicksilver Messenger Service – Written by John “Chinook” Garcia, Houseless Native American of Portland, Oregon.

They poisoned my sweet waters

cut down my green trees

the food they feed my children is

the cause of their disease

my world is slowly fallen down

and the air not good to breath

and those of us who care enough

have to do something, Dad, what you

gonna do about me

I’m working in your factories, I study

in your schools, I fill your

penitentiaries and your military too

and though you may be stronger

now my time will surely come

around cause you keep adding to

my numbers and shut out people down

Dad, what you gonna do about me

what about me, Dad, what ya

gonna do about me I ain’t looking

for no more trouble but…

And I feel like a stranger

in the land where I was born,

and I live like an outlaw and I am

always on the run


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