The Way

Jesus found me

Hurt by my own sin

Too much alcohol, drugs, and lust


To even Begin,

To talk to Him.


Jesus found me

Crying out for fear of snakes

Of Death and Firey Lakes


Of overindulgence

In Self and Mistakes.


Jesus found me

Crying on the bedroom

Floor. Crying out for more.


My mother asked me to pray

And my heart finally opened the door.


Jesus found me and gave me Hope and Light.

He promises to make everything right.

He promises that any struggle I feel

Can be overcome and I can be brought to

a Love that is fully real.


He spun me around like his clay

And showed me his miraculous ways.

He pulled me from the river into the sun.


And now He sees me and we walk as One.


He sees me all day and restores my peace

Moment by moment we breathe.

We smile, we walk, and we speak.


And now the hours, the days, and the weeks

Are mild and majestic and free

He is as close as my own two feet.

And everything above and beneath.

Now I know that when we meet in the End,

He will call me his friend.


Even if he wouldn’t pretend that I behaved

Like an Angel from cradle to grave.


He would be honest in how his heart grieved

When I was selfish or mean or deceived,

And then mercifully lend me his sleeve,

For He loves us.

All Who Believe.


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