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I don’t have to live ever again in sorrow or in pain.
Even though this world and all it’s evil wants to make me feel insane.
I don’t even have to put up any truly vicious fight.
Jesus is the way and the truth and the light.
All I have to do is believe in Him and then receive
The strength, healing, and trust that I was meant to achieve.
Even as the devil rattles his lies deep into my mind
I can be so patient, so joyful, so loving and so kind.
I can sleep in the darkness while I live in his light.
I can play through the day or I can work through the night.
My freedom is alive even if I’m put in chains.
There’s nothing that can hurt me while I’m shouting out his name.
There is nothing left to do when the battle is won except aim for your dreams unashamed and just for fun.
Carry passion for your principles but don’t forget to breathe
Because tomorrow is in His hands and His love will never leave.
In love and with His living word deep within my heart. I don’t feel pressure
to be perfect or real special or real smart. All I need to know was written long ago and manifests in our relationship as He Himself can show as we are blessed. Our bond is so alive he reacts to my every prayer. And rewards my faith in truth even when it seems He isn’t there.
I never thought I’d testify to what I used to find absurd, but I put my hand upon the plow and I tested out His word. And once I knew I knew in my heart, I was freed from all the evil. There’s a glory lying just beyond that is truly unconceivable. There’s a gap with a bridge and His name is Jesus Christ. There is one truth that lives and, dead to sin, I give my life.
I know that this might change the looks I get from other people’s eyes
but their judgment isn’t final and all hate is a disguise.
I hope so fully others find Him more than I can now explain. So all can free themselves from sorrow, worry, ego, and their pain.
I write this poem sincerely, even though it may seem odd, I no longer can express myself without my Living God.


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