Madame Ottenok

Bio: Pamela Dillon is a poet who lives in Glendale Heights, Illinois. She aspires to someday publish her first complete collection entitled Heartstump. She has been writing poetry for approximately ten years. On WordPress, she shares some poetry, documents her process, and fawns over her inspirations. On Blogger, she reflects mostly in prose, for sharing and personal growth. Pamela is currently a project manager at Language Line Translation Solutions. Pamela has worked at Powell's Books and volunteers at several other bookstores. She likes feelings and words and trying to make them known by or know those of others. Heartstump is a celebration of the brave inward journey; the bold confrontation of real being and the communion with the essence of one's own personal strength, fullness, and love, which ultimately connects each and every one of us more fully to everything that is, was, and will be. Email Pamela at heartstump@gmail.com

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