New Life, Something To Do

Julius DC Bautista, in Chicago, has newly jumped on board with Heartstump.  I’m exceedingly grateful.  Overjoyed. In its highest expression.

Joe Diamond continues to inspire me with the magic of life and seeks to share his videos.  Havinphoto (2)g a magician in the family is a gift.  There is a magic in this world that we risk losing touch with everyday…

Daniel Peccia (of poetry.pottery.pdx) has produced a stamp to press into pieces of pottery containing lines from my title poem.  Please go visit his shelf on 2115 SE 48th Avenue, donate a little, and take home a piece of poetic pottery.  You can also submit a poem to him and he will turn it into pottery for you. He is gifted and generous.

New friends at PCSL reach out in new ways to encourage and support me, including music director Linda Rossi. I am eternally reaching back.

The ball is certainly rolling now… The question is can I keep up?

The Answer (A Haiku)

There is no other

choice, when you have, in your

heart, something to do.


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