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Jesus stood between to Mary’s

a mother and a friend

A virgin birth that brought him to

the place from which we ascend.

One hand holding mother’s who

without the flesh exchange

created sinless human life

a miracle to save.

The other hand beholds a friend

who some would name a whore.

The “fleshly” woman of the Earth

who I will now explore…

Maggie is the self that life,

in past, I made as me.

From young I laid with men

and men kept coming still to me.

For years and years I walked this road

quite thoughtless of a plan.

As passion after passion leave me

only empty hands.

The years flow by and yet still

I committed fruitless chore

gave of my time, my heart, and

mind without an open door.

It makes no sense to do and hence

Becomes no longer fun

now found with lack of going back

I turn to Mary’s Son.

I cannot hide the blushing bride

that is not meant to be.

She stands with eyes

plagued by the flies of her impurity.

That God might wash as such a cost

she hardly can conceive.

Full of regret she can’t forget,

yet still she does believe.

Jesus between two Mary’s stood

the both at Woman’s Core.

We will find that each these aspects

dwell with Love forevermore.


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