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How often do you look
up at the stars?
It’s not a judgment,
just a question.

Because no one can
ever do it enough.
When I look up into
the heavens, a piece

of me travels
unfathomable distance
at speed that makes my
heartbeat a sonic boom.

By now it’s cliche
to look up at the stars.
But that is a needless
judgement. I ask

is it less valuable to feel
a dilating reverence
for all that exists because
billions of beating hearts

have done it before, or more?

Making love under starlight,
now that is cliche.
That must be why astroglide
is a thing. But what greater

distance can I travel on
Earth than into your soul?
Looking into everything
there is, lying on my back,

holding your hand, we lie
perfectly still and yet
everything we are is
screaming through space.


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Awestruck Haiku

What a simple thing,
The most basic pleasure, to
Be looked at with love.


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